Logging in to DynamicsCloud

After you have signed up for DynamicsCloud you and have received your credentials you are now ready to log in to the system. This process is easy if you read these instructions. Please open an INTERNET EXPLORER browser. That's the internet browser with the IE initials. Please do not use Chrome, Firefox, or any of the other internet browsers available. Step 1. Once you've opened INTERNET EXPLORER browse to www.dynamicscloud.com and under the Student tab select Login. Once there you can click on the Login button which takes you to this location https://dynaa.dynamicscloud.com/GP/Views/LogOn.aspxh.

login button

Or you can just browse out and go to this location directly: https://dynaa.dynamicscloud.com/GP/Views/LogOn.aspx. Step 2. Once you are there you can fill out your user name but please remember to put the word dynamicscloud before the user name just like this: dynamicscloud\Your_user_name I'm sure you got it but just in case you didn't you put in the Your_user_name spot the user name you were give by DynamicsCloud. An example is shown below.

login user name

Step 3. After signing in you will see another login prompt. This is to get into Dynamics GP. You will enter your credentials again but this time you should not put in the dynamicscloud\ part.

So something like the example below: msu.01

gp login

When this works you will then be asked which company you want to log in to. Choose the company you have been instructed to login to from your professor. Often it will be Fabrikam but occasionally it may be a different company.

fabrikam login

You may get this window pop up that states this is a sample company. That is supposed to happen. No worries.

sample company

The first time you login you will be asked what you want your industry and role to be. You can choose whatever you want or are instructed to do. I usually choose Education and Accounting Manger.

home page accountThe last startup window you will see is the manufacturing window. You can choose OK with the Don't display on Startup button checked if you don't want to see it again.


You are now in the system and ready to go.

If you have trouble logging in please email support@dynamicscloud.com or call 858-480-7020.

Hope you have a great semester.