Error When Changing Decimal Places for Inventory :[You cannot complete this process while invoices are being processed]

This can be very frustrating when you’ve already confirmed that there are no pending transactions in the activity tables. You already cleared DEX_LOCK, DEX_SESSION, ACTIVITY, SY00800, SY00801 and it still doesn't fix the issue.  I know how it feels.


This error is referring to the SOP/POP documents that remain in the OPEN tables even after they are posted. Here’s a great article on how documents move from Work to Open to History regarding the core modules of GP.


You need to run the 'Paid Transaction Removal' and “Remove Completed Purchase Orders” routine in order to move transactions to History. Nothing automatically moves to history. This routine will only move fully applied, closed and cancelled  documents to history. So if you still have a balance on an invoice it stays in the Open Table. If a credit memo or receipt has not been applied to an invoice, it will stay in the Open table. The fact that the customer's net balance is zero does not impact whether the document moves to history. 1. Make a backup 2. Tools>Utilities>>Sales>>Routine>Paid Transaction Removal image 3. Tools>Utilities>>Purchasing>>Remove Completed Purchase Orders image 4. Now you should be able to go through and change your decimal places. If the error still persists, then there are probably Sales documents remaining in the open table. You need to close them before they can be moved to history as shown in step #2 above. Good luck!