Error Registering Table GL_Account_MSTR

I had this happen to me again and ran across an old blog post I did years ago.

A lot of people think I just blog so I can live the rich and famous lifestyle but in all honesty it’s because I have a bad memory and I know I’m going to come across issues like this again.

Here’s the old post I wrote:


I don’t usually like posting on break/fix type issues. It’s pretty hard making GL_Account_MSTR posts entertaining and most of the usual Dynamics headaches are documented on the knowledge base or someone else’s blog. But for some reason I couldn’t find this error anywhere.

So instead of giving you the answer right off I need to at least tell a story to make this a little more interesting.

Most of the time I work directly with our clients to fix a wide range of issues.  Over the weekend our CEO came in to work but was met with a whole litany of errors when running reports in Dynamics. Dealing with a client is one thing but I always feel added pressure to resolve issues quickly when dealing with the big boss lady.

Hoping to impress I jump into action thinking maybe, just maybe, if I do this right I can secure a pay raise or something. Much to my chagrin not a single soul has posted about this error. I did find posts of similar errors and one was from my most trusted and famous Steve Chapman.

After a bit of hymning and hawing I dusted off the cobwebs from way before the weekend and remember our most excellent payroll guru applied the new HIRE Act update for payroll to our own system late last week.

Now, my number one rule for doing any type of update or upgrade is torecreate the reports.dic file. It never fails (well, at least 50% of the time) Reports.dic gets corrupted. Don’t even say it David Musgrave. I know you are right about shared reports.dic files.

After recreating the reports.dic file everything was peachy keen. In the recreation process I found the 3 reports that had issues were:

  • Tax Schedule List
  • Trial Balance Detail
  • Trial Balance Detail by Period

I’m still waiting to hear about that pay raise.


I ran this recreation process for the customer and it solved all of her problems. I’m not kidding. Every problem she had in life was gone. It’s amazing what recreating the reports.dic file can do for you. It even solves memory problems so I’m told.

I think I’ll try it on my system to see if it helps me gain some richness and famousness. Heck, I’d settle for my memory back.