Modified Word Template won’t email


A client wanted to email purchase orders out of GP using their modified POP Purchase Order Blank Form. Everything worked fine no errors, except the email never got sent or received even though GP gives the message that email has been sent. Also the purchase order prints fine without issues to the screen and to the printer.

Solution: check Section Option settings in Report Writer

Thanks to Microsoft Support for this solution. First of all, try switching the Alternative Modified Form back to Original Report and then try the email again. If it works, then your modified report needs to be adjusted. To do this, log into GP with poweruser access, click on Administration, under Setup click on Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports follow the screen shot below then click Save


Now test your email again, if it works then your modified report needs more fixing. Open up your modified report in Report Writer. Click on Microsoft Dynamics GP>>Tools>>Customize>>Report Writer, select Microsoft Dynamics GP and select OK, click on Reports menu, look up your report on the right panel, double click then click on Layout to open it up.

Check your Section Option’s window. Click anywhere on the layout of the report, click on Tools menu>>Section Option, select PO Header and select Open. Go through each report section and mimic the settings that are on the original report.The easiest way to do this is to have two report writer windows up side by side so you can compare and make the necessary changes.


Save your changes, revert back to Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports to the modified report and test your email again. It should work.

Hope this helps!

Dennis Mataia

Outlook Error sending GP emails

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