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Printing Financial Statement with the Web Client

Most Dynamics GP users use Management Reporter to print financial statements. As a student using DynamicsCloud we have setup the system so you can print financial statements using a tool called Advanced Financial Analysis.

To print Financial statements you will need to make sure reports are set as a standard report as outlined below.

Sending reports to screen - financial statements

-Click on the Financial

-Under Reports, click on Financial Statements


Choose a report


Click Modify or New to open the Financial Statement Report Options window.


Click on Destination


You can print to the Screen. Make sure the Report Type is listed as Standard. Click OK.


Last step is to click OK.

If your system errors out when trying to print you probably set the report type as Template. That is not available for this tool so it will error out.

Not all required fields have been entered. Required fields appear in bold black type

If you are looking at this post you are probably cussing and swearing about how terrible Dynamics GP is. You are also probably a student learning GP or are trying to enter PO’s or Invoices for the first time.

This is a very common error. You can get this in Sales Transaction entry or Purchase Order Entry windows. The error will look like this:

Not all required fields have been entered. Required fields appear in bold black type


To Resolve the error do the following:

-Click to extend the view

-Click on the magnifying glass next to Site ID

-Select a site.


Required fields are normally in bold black type but in this particular window, Site ID is also

required even though it’s a different color bold. If you come across this same error in other GP

windows, go through and make sure to populate all empty fields.

Believe it or not this is not a system issue. When it says not all the required fields are filled out it really means you should fill out all the required fields.

Here is another window like that:


I hope that helps you in your studies and if not maybe it will help you stop swearing out loud in the library.