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Thank you for signing up for DynamicsCloud. After you choose Submit you will be directed to a PayPal site to make your semester fee payment. User credentials will be sent by 9 am the morning after you pay the invoice to the email listed below. Please note if you make the payment on the weekend your credentials will not be sent until the following Monday morning at 9 am. If you are using Armond Dalton Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 book, the registration process has changed just recently. Please click on this link to register [formidable id="4"]


Why Hosting? Although Microsoft will give academic institutions Dynamics software registration keys for free if they are signed up for the Microsoft Dynamics Academarchiveic Alliance with their institution, the hardware and implementation costs are the responsibility of the school. These costs can be significant especially when adding in the labor costs for IT staff. Added on top of hardware is the time and  effort it takes to implement and maintain a Dynamics system. CostsUsing a hosting model is less expensive, easier to maintain and support, and lets professors focus on instruction and curriculum development. Usually the costs of a system can be managed in a few ways:

  1. The school can pay for the per student per semester fee
  2. The student can be sent an invoice directly, usually via paypal
  3. Depending on setup requirement there can be a mix of the two options above where the school pays for setup and students pay the per student per semester fee
How do I sign up? You can start by filling out the form below. You can also contact to sign up with the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance. [formidable id=13] DYNAA